Sharing the energy that comes from music is the reason I love to teach singing. Using the Complete Vocal Technique (CVT), I will teach you the methods you need to jumpstart your craft and give you a new approach to singing.


CVT is a system that was created to make singing techniques comprehensible for everybody, from total beginners to professional singers. CVT is the result of over 25 years of research by Cathrine Sadolin (find out more here: This technique has helped me to understand what happens physically when I sing, as well as how to sing whatever I wish in a healthy way, without tiring my vocal cords or becoming hoarse.


My background as both a live singer and a studio singer in an a cappella group in Switzerland and in a rock band in Copenhagen has given me a wide range of experience that I will share with you when you become my student.


I teach individuals and groups, as well as choirs. For larger groups I usually start out with a CVT Workshop to bring all the singers up to the same level of knowledge and provide them with the right tools to work with.


All students bring their own wishes and goals to the their lessons, and we then work together on songs and styles. Knowing, understanding, and practicing the technique I teach will give you the skills you need to explore your favorite genres and sing your favorite songs.



45 min costs 450.- DKK

5er Package for 2150.- DKK, save 100.- DKK



Mindfulness Coach

A healthy work life starts within us, and we ourselves strongly affect our own daily work, habits, and routines. In this hectic and online world we live in today, we all need time “offline” and to feel who we really are - in order to be both happier and more successful in our work and in our personal lives.

“Be-Conscious” will help you to do just that. It is a way to train your mind to focus and for you to learn how to become more in touch with yourself. With “Be Conscious”, you will learn a new and healthier approach to your work and your life.


Through my coaching, you will learn how to use short breaks to gain focus and to concentrate more fully on the tasks you enjoy doing. I will also guide you through meditations where we will focus on three key areas: our thoughts, our breathing and our feelings:


- Becoming aware of our thoughts allows us to react differently to difficult daily situations and helps us to turn these situations into more positive experiences.


- Focusing on our breathing allows us, in a short span of time, to become centered by simply closing our eyes and feeling our breath. Being centered allows us to calmly approach our daily responsibilities.


- Being aware of our feelings allows us to truly experience those feelings rather than hiding them, which helps us to relax more quickly and to focus on the tasks ahead.


Why am I an advocate for these techniques? I am a person with a high energy level. As a singer who both performs and teaches, I consistently give 100%. Years ago, it became necessary for me to find the right balance between high energy and conscious focusing.

By meditating and observing my thoughts, breathing, and feelings, I found I could change my focus and gain the ability to switch between using energy and working with focused consciousness. The “Be-Conscious” technique has worked for me, and I would be happy to share its benefits with you.


Through my experiences and techniques I can teach you and/ or your staff to become more focused throughout the day and help you to be more centered and successful in your daily work.


“Be-Conscious” in companies:

Currently, I coach twice a week at a hosting company,, in Copenhagen, where the supporters have the opportunity to join me at the beginning and end of a day, to relax and bring focus back to their work. I would love to help you and your company in the same manner and I gladly welcome your inquiries.




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If you’re a singer who wants to jump to the next level or someone who needs more focus in life, please contact me, I would love to guide you through your next journey.


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